What is Venturing?
It may not be what you think. Venturing is all about LEADERSHIP! It is a step above Scouting and can teach you how to be an effective leader even from within your troop. You will learn HOW to make things happen. You will learn more about making things that you want... happen the way you want them to.
Venturing Can Provide New Experiences
Venturers have a larger selection of activities than Boy Scouts and can even be Co-Ed!

High Adventure Opportunities
You are limited only by your imagnation. Want to do something exciting?
Make it happen.

If You Are a Scout in Another Troop
You can join a Venture Crew and still participate in your own troop. All work completed in BSA does not have to be repeated. It Counts for Venture Too!
Registered Boy Scouts, 14 years of age and Life Scouts (per the Troop 214 Committee) can join without any fee. Non-Scouts may join at 14 years.
Are you interested yet?
If you are, please email Mark Mutchler for additional information.