Detailed Counselor Listing

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Merit Badge Counselor list

9 Counselors
as of November 7, 2015

Dawn Adams
Art, Communications*, First Aid*, Landscape Architecture, Personal Fitness*, Pets
John Gessler
Citizen in the Nation*, Computers, Fishing, Personal Management*, Shotgun Shooting, Woodworking
Michael Kieffer
Automotive Maintenance, Computers, Emergency Preparedness*, Geocaching, Orienteering
John Lewis
Art, Graphic Arts, Painting, Pulp and Paper, Sculpture
Joseph Muirhead
Citizen in the Community*, Citizen in the Nation*, Citizen in the World*, Computers, Family Life*, Rifle Shooting
Mark Mutchler
Automotive Maintenance, Bird Study,Collections, Fish & Wildlife Management, Nature, Weather
Casey Tubbs
Crime Prevention, Emergency Preparedness*, Fingerprinting, First Aid*, Safety, Wilderness Survival

* Required for Eagle rank.